Carbon doesn't have to be complex

Making carbon neutrality achievable for everyone


Want a simple, engaging and transparent way to share the evidence of your carbon footprint goals and journey so far...? Publicly, with your supporters, followers, investors or customers? Whether you’re a small business, social enterprise, charity, influencer or household wanting to get a grip on your carbon footprint - and drive real action to carbon neutrality - ourcarbon profiles are a powerful way to share your story.

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Why do a carbon audit?

We make decisions every day that carry a carbon price tag. At home, at work, through what we choose to buy, how we decide to travel, and where we invest and show support. How do we make sense of these decisions in a manageable way? A journey to net zero must start with a footprint - ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’. Our carbon audits help you build a picture of your direct and indirect carbon impacts, and where you should focus your reduction efforts.

What is a Carbon Footprint?

Our world is in crisis. The climate emergency is complex, and with far-reaching consequences for all of society. But the science is very clear that we need to rapidly drive down our greenhouse gas emissions in response. Rather than being overwhelmed by the complexity, we can all focus on reducing our ‘CO2-e’ (carbon dioxide equivalent) impact - or our ‘carbon footprint’. This is a proxy measure for the most impactful greenhouse gas emissions, normalised based on their relative global warming potential. Scientists have worked out a sound methodology. All you need to know is it’s an effective measure - and simple enough to monitor.

Why ourcarbon?

Carbon accounting can feel overwhelming, let alone becoming carbon neutral. We take a different approach. Our focus is to make your journey to net zero simple and exciting. We’ll help make your carbon stats relevant to your everyday decisions. We’ll coach you to create your own, relatable action plan. We’ll help you make it real by connecting you with our growing network of partners who can step in from helping you find a sweet green energy deal to responsibly offsetting your residual emissions. And we’ll help you share your story with our slick, transparent carbon profiles. A one-stop-shop on your journey to net zero.

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Our process

So how do we go about it? Broken down into 5 stages, we'll carefully guide through your journey to becoming carbon neutral.

  1. Connection

    First off, let's introduce ourselves, let us understand what you are looking for and let you know what is involved in each of the steps in the journey with Our Carbon.

  2. Coaching session

    A 45 minute zoom call with one of our Coaches to learn about your business activities, where you are currently at and where you want to get to and what evidence you can get your hands on!

  3. Carbon calculations

    Within a week your Coach will crunch the numbers to figure out how your activities translate into numbers and share the draft with you to see if there is anything to add.

  4. Solutions

    Over email or call your Coach will go through the best solutions available for you to reduce your emissions and increase your offsets to get to your newly created goals!

  5. Sharing your journey

    A great way to lead is to show your working! Sharing your carbon profile helps others to trust your claims and help educate that carbon doesn’t have to be complex!

Our plans

Whether you're an individual or a larger SME, we're able to accomodate. Check out some of the benefits of hiring an ourcarbon coach...

Turnover more than £10 million

  • Full lifecycle analysis
  • Scope 1, 2, 3 analysis
  • Dedicated Carbon Coach
  • Full partner integrations
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Turnover less than £10 million

  • Full lifecycle analysis
  • Dedicated Carbon Coach
  • Detailed bespoke analysis on key areas
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ourcarbon for individuals

  • Understand your impact at business, personal and household level
  • Dedicated Carbon Coach
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Book an ourcarbon coach

Not sure what net zero could mean for you? Book a 45 minute session today with one of our expert coaches to kick-start your journey to net zero. We’ll take you through our coaching process, help you build a clearer picture of your carbon impacts, and identify where you can take real action - saving you money, reducing your risk and strengthening your brand in the process.

Whether you’re ready to go carbon net zero or if you just want to find out more us, please fill in the contact form below:

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